Rooted in tradition,
made for today

Midi is made with agaves grown in the same soil that has been the source of tequila production since the 16th century. Distilled according to a tradition as rich as the flavors in the bottle, Midi blends past practices with a contemporary approach to production. The result is an agave-forward tequila that is fresh and herbal with subtle hints of citrus. Our line is made to be sipped slowly, allowing the full expression of its character to reveal itself.


Meet Midi Blanco, made from the finest highland agaves. This baby strikes the perfect balance between herbal and floral notes, enhanced with hints of cooked agave. It’s light-bodied, fresh, and as silky smooth as your skin after a facial. Sip it on ice or treat your favorite cocktails to the tequila they crave. It’s what a proper margarita or paloma deserves.


Slow and steady wins the race. This meticulously crafted tequila is made for sipping at a leisurely pace. Take your time to savour the oak notes (thank you, French barrels) and complex aromas ranging from vanilla to coconut and cooked agave. The Midi Reposado has that bang-on balance between sweet and dry and only boasts 36% alcohol, making it easy on the tongue, and even easier to run out of.

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